• Mitarbeiter und Kunden vor Corona schützen und gleichzeitig den laufenden Betrieb aufrechterhalten?
    Protect employees and customers from Corona while maintaining ongoing operations?

    Healthy-Pass makes it possible!

  • risikobehaftete Personen erkennen
    Detect people at risk

    before entering a building

  • Evaluate with Healthy-Pass in real time

  • Sicher ist Sicher!

    for companies, trade fairs, public institutions, airports, railways ... 

  • Healthy-Pass can be used immediately, mobile, flexible, touchless!

  • Stop Corona!
    Stop Corona!

    with Healthy-Pass!

Better safe than sorrywith Healthy-Pass

Do a basic check (itinerary, symptoms ..) of your employees, visitors and customers in four easy steps
  1. Email or QR code at the reception
  2. Basic check is completed on a smartphone
    • no personal points of contact
    • advantageous for hygienic reasons
  3. Real-time evaluation of the basic check
    • Real time on the smartphone
    • E-mail alert at the reception (or defined persons)
  4. Access authorization is verified


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